7 Foods that are Banned Around the World-Part 1

We always hear about certain foods that should be avoided for health reasons but there are some foods that should be avoided completely while visiting certain regions or else you could find yourself stuck with a fine. Sounds crazy-I know! Here are some foods to avoid altogether when visiting these countries. 

1. FARM RAISED SALMON: Banned In New Zealand & Australia
These fish pose a number of environmental concerns,farm-raised salmon in       an effort to reduce pollution. When grocery shopping, avoid salmon with a greyish hue and gravitate towards fish that’s labeled “sockeye” or “Alaskan” to make sure you’re eating the wild variety
2. KINDERSURPRISE: Banned in the United States 
These chocolate treats are off limits in America because they contain an inedible object in their centre which violates the Food and Drug Administration’s regulations. They are considered to be a choking hazard because young children may mistakenly try to eat the toy in the center of the chocolate. So don't try to bring them over as a gift to your American relatives or you might catch some heat off these chocolates.
3. FOIE GRAS : Banned In California, Italy, India, Denmark, Finlad, Norway, Poland, Israel & Germany
Although it may taste like heaven, the fact that the birds are force-fed with tubes to enlarge their liver up to 10 x its normal size, is inhumane. Animal rights organizations such as PETA are celebrating the ban. 
4. CAVIAR : Banned In United States
Beluga caviar aren't for those that don't have deep pockets. These eggs come from the Beluga Sturgeon and they are critically endangered. In efforts to reduce poaching, the United States has banned the importation of the eggs since 2005.
5. CHEWING GUM:  Banned in Singapore
Singapore banned chewing gum in 1992 in efforts to maintain their cleanliness and are known for having clean streets.  Vendors who choose to sell the banned substance risk a sentence of up to two years in prison or fines as high $1000.
6. KETCHUP: Banned in French schools
In an effort to preserve French culinary traditions, students are only allowed to consume ketchup with French fries, which they are served once per week.
7. M&M Chocolates : Banned in Sweden.
The nation is banning the sale of M&M's because a court ruled that the candy’s branding is too similar to another chocolate covered peanut snack, "M by Mondelez". The company has been selling their delicacies in Sweden since 1957 -Talk about Loyalty eh?

There is a lot more to learn so check back for our next 7 banned foods soon.  Ciao for now! 

Eat, Love & Travel always, 

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