7 Foods that are Banned Around the World-Part 2

ANDDDDDD we're back!

Because the world is so big, there is so much to learn! We got another 7 cool foods that are banned around the world. Shall we get started?


1. SASSAFRAS OIL: Banned in United States

 They banned sassafras oil as it linked to excess amount of substance that has been linked to kidney and liver damage. It's been used as a hallucinogen comparable to MDMA! Not to worry though if you are craving the traditional root beer float, there are flavouring that mimics the taste. 

2. FUGU: Banned in United States 

Fugu is known to be the most dangerous fish in the world, so dangerous people like to play Russian roulette and risk eating it. However, if prepared correctly it is consumable. The delicacy contains tetrodotoxin which is a poison that is 1,200 times more lethal than cyanide. All you need is less than a pin sized amount to kill someone. Which is the reason United States forbids the sale or preparation of fugu without a license. 

3. HAGGIS: Banned in United States

The Scottish pudding is made with sheep's heart, liver and lungs. The United States department of Agriculture ruled against the consumption of livestock's lung, making haggis illegal to serve in the States. The Scottish government has tried their best to negotiate a change but no luck since its been nearly half a century later with no change.

4. SHARK FIN: Banned in California 

Shark fin is primarily used in chinese fine dining such as shark fin soup is banned in California. It is in the process of being passed, if it goes through the outlaw of sale of shark fins across the country will come in full effect. Advocates of the bill strongly believes that it will help protect sharks species and stop inhumane practice of cutting fins off the live sharks, which results them to die slow and painful death.

5. RAW MILK:  Banned in United States

Raw milk is known as unpasteurized milk that is illegal to sell in the states for nearly thirty years. The Medical Association and The Center of Disease Control and Prevention strong advises avoiding this kind of milk because of the potential risk of foodborne illness. Although America has banned raw milk, European countries regularly consume raw milk. Austria and Switzerland have even installed vending machines  that distribute it. Kind of makes you wonder, if its so bad why is other countries selling it, doesn't it?

6. RBGH : Banned in Canada, Israel and European Union 

RGBH was genetically engineered ( hormone ) designed to increase milk production in cows which causes them to suffer mentally and physically strained from the cattle camp conditions. It's been shown to cause antibiotic resistance with higher incidence of diseases in cows which is a big NO NO in many countries such as the one that is mentioned above.

So next time you roll up in a farm and want to take a little sample of fresh milk, think again; depending where you are and what is in it you just might be consuming an illegal substance.

7. SEA BASS: Banned in Great Britain

Due to a dramatic reduction in the species population Great Britain is in the middle of getting this law passed. This goes for the sale of Celtic cod and Irish sole as well. So if you are visiting , do not be disappointed that these items will be off the menu, it will surely be back in years to come.

We have so much to learn about the world and we are just scratching the surface! Be sure to check back next week for some more interesting foods that are banned around the world 🤓

- Eat, Love and Travel always,


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