Anti-Valentine's Day AKA Single Awareness Day

Valentine's Day is a sham and we all know it!  

Flower shops are banking it big this fine day & everybody is buying over sized teddy bears for Boo. This blog is for my salty and single friends out there. Here are a few thing's we can do on Single Awareness Day.

Team up with your single friends or co-workers and have some drinks at the hottest lounge in town cause who knows who you might run into at the bar or what might happened at 2:20AM after a few gin and tonics.

Anti Social- no worries stay in and be low key.  Watch Netflix with your pet and order take-out.  Ugly cry as much as you want.  

Okay, if this isn't enough we all have that guy that keeps asking you to hang out on IG.  Well today is a good day to feel appreciated and he's also celebrating Single Awareness Day.  

At the end of the night I can sleep well knowing my ex is ruining someone else's life right now, that everything happens for a reason and that somewhere out there my Prince Faux-Charming is miserable with some broad and praying for me to waltz back into his life.

Today I'm gonna drown myself with some tequila and hopefully wake up on my bed and this wretched day OVER.

Salty Ex 

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