Celibacy -Do we believe it?


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They say you can't change a man, but the right one can make him change.  

Word on the street is that Justin's marriage is tough-well all relationship aren't that  easy.  It's about communication and understanding one another.  This particular star studded and genetically graced couple find themselves fighting a lot and not expressing their emotions.  Haley said "In the beginning of my marriage to Justin I found myself lonely and praying a lot" (well isn't that a great start to a healthy marriage).  

The couple revealed that they were both celibate before they got married!  I can see Haley holding the fort down for her relationship with God but Justin who was a sex addict and seen leaving a brothel in Brazil??  Ummm I don't know about that.

The lovely couple rekindled their love at Hillsong Church where they both decide then and there to be celibate until married.  Justin quoted " Lord does not ask us to have sex for him, because he wants rules and stuff. Im trying to protect you from hurt and pain.  I think sex can cause a lot of pain, sometimes people have sex because they don't feel good or lack of self worth."  He claims "men & women do it all the time."

Justin also explained how Haley was a prize for his good behaviour and wanted to rededicate himself to God because it "felt good for his soul."

Ponder that concept this coming Valentines Day🤔


The Church Pianist 

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