Crenshaw's Hero Nipsey Hussle

Every social media platform is going crazy over Nipsey Hussle's death.


Not only was he a rapper but a hero in his community.  Nipsey was different than other rappers.  He would preach about financial literacy and the importance of investing in real estate instead of capitalizing on sex, drugs and women.  

Health was a big thing to Hussle.  He had begun publicizing that we was going to produce a film on the life of Dr Sebi, the self proclaimed healer who was said to cured Aids, Cancer and all other diseases with herbs and an Alkaline diet. Dr Sebi is said to have been killed because of his ability to teach people how to heal themselves instead of depending on broken healthcare systems that continue to rob families of their money with no intention of healing them.

Nipsey showed love to the neighbourhood that raised him by uplifting it, brining positivity and light to the community that many were afraid of for years.  He was recently featured on Forbes for his journey to become a real estate mogul and also brought GQ into the hood to show the beauty of the streets that had raised him. 

Hussle was different and his life is being deservingly mourned in a grand magnitude.

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