Do you ever Fake the Big O ?

Do you ever fake your orgasm?  

I sure have - multiple times.  I'm guilty of doing this due to poor performance or its just taking to damn long and I want it to end. Why do we do this? Studies shows 68% of women faked their orgasm during intercourse to avoid hurting their partners feelings, build their ego or meet their partners expectations.  Let me make this easier for my Sisters...


It's your time to shine!  Make it as cinematic as you can; arch that back, put that head down into the pillow and moannnnn... Act like Halle berry in Monsters Ball with Billy Bob Thornton. When having a real orgasm your eyes are not open so make sure they're closed and don't even try to peek with one eye to see if he's onto you lol. Next, slow down the breathing and let your partner know to wrap this 20min workout session up.


Bite that lower lip and grab onto his sheets or pillow... OR make it more dramatic- scratch his back, flick your hair and half close your eyes as if your watching a scary movie and are barely looking. Flex the vocal chords with low tones like Toni Braxton- let him know your almost there.


Lets take this home Sisters!  Make sure you contract and release that muscle down there just like you're doing Kegel exercises.  Your partner needs to feel it in your body so make sure to shake or quiver and don't lay there like a starfish. To thank your partner verbally throw in an "omg," cuddles/no cuddles or whatever works for you to end it.   You can now sleep peacefully after mentally exhausting yourself hahahah.

Your X-Girlfriend that faked every Orgasm.

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