Dog Moms & Dating

Having a dog has changed my life.

It made me more responsible and taught me unconditional love. It taught me discipline and routine and appreciating companionship...BUT...having a dog and being single takes a toll on my dating life.

Being a single dog mom isn't easy, first off its basically having a kid well a furry kid that can't talk. You come home late and your fur kid is nervous, starving and solely waiting for you to come home because they can't do anything without you. Makes me feel like shit and that "I'm a bad dog mom" and that I should always tend to my fur kid, that nothing else matters because that guilt just sits inside you like pizza you ate a couple of days ago and you shouldn't have since your allergic to gluten.

Only if life was so easy where I could Call/Text/FaceTime my dog to see if he/she is okay and if they ate or not because your world entirely now revolves around them.

Dogs are on a schedule- pee,poo or eat.  So you're on a date- you can't watch the sunrise or run off to another city spontaneously because you have to plan ahead to make sure someone can babysit your dog but who? Especially when you don't trust anyone to do it like you do. 

Say goodbye to sleepovers, relaxing vacations because your mind is on your dog.

Might I add arguments over how to train your dog! Which leads to multiple arguments on different occasions and cancelling plans because you feel bad leaving while your fur kid is looking at you with that face saying "you're leaving me again for him."


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