Do's & Don'ts for First Dates

First dates can be exciting, nerve wracking, and intimidating all at once.

We have been on a decent amount of dates over the past years and we decided to throw together some of our Do's and Dont's to help you avoid any cringe-worthy mistakes!
  • Do offer to pay your portion of the bill. Although in most cases they will refuse to let that happen, guys appreciate the gesture.
  • Do your research on him before but be careful on where you search and watch your fingers! An accidental like from his Cabo 2005 trip can sabotage any chance of it going anywhere. Also AVOID LinkedIn as it shows when you have viewed their page!
  • Do be on time. Being late on a date can give a really bad first impression, especially if you do not know each other too well yet. If you have a real excuse for being late, let your date know asap.
  • Do put your phone down. Nothing is more of a turn off than having your date not even pay attention to you. The phone can wait. 
  • Do be honest about your intentions without going overboard.  If you are getting major F***boy vibes, it's ok to say that you are looking for something solid not a one night stand, but don;t go as far as saying that you are wanting a hubby and babies by next year
  • Do not wear anything too revealing: not only will this give them the vibe that you're easy, it doesn't really leave them guessing. 
  • Do not turn your date into a therapy session. He does NOT care why your girlfriend Angela is pissing you off. Take interest in what he's saying and make the  focus of the conversation your hobbies, family, career and anything else that has a positive outlook.
  • Do not get black out. This one speaks for itself.
  • Do not talk about your ex. No good can come of this! You'll either seem bitter, heartless or still hung-up—and any one of these is a huge turnoff
  • Do not get ahead of yourself and over think. Its a first date not a marriage proposal. If you don't feel 100% into it thats ok. Enjoy your time and take it date by date. If you end up finding out that he's not the one for you, onto the next one!

We want to hear your top First Date Do's and Dont's - comment below!


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