Dreaming about an Ex but You're Taken- Here's Why

Have you ever woke up dreaming about an EX even though you haven't even thought, seen or spoken about him?  Better yet, creeped his social media ( cause he doesn't have one )  to see what he's doing with his life and who he's dating?

Let me make one thing very clear- I rarely think about this person even though we have plenty of mutual friends that I happen to be in contact with...BUT for the last few months, I've been having vivid dreams of him!  What kind of F*cked up message is the universe trying to send me? Am I the only one that is suffering from this mind F*ck of a game ? I did some research to show me that I'm not the only one out there suffering from this and got some clarity. 

FUN FACT: Dreaming about your ex isn't rare at all. 29% people dream about past loves and here is why you dream about them.


Just when your ass thought you closed that book and had that unspoken closure (cause its been more than a decade since you spoke to one another in that affectionate manner).  Often times, because both parties mutually say its best to move on no hard feelings, females tend to need more in depth conversation to speak about almost everything to truly feel the closure needed to move on. We need more than one word answers and a genuine apology to feel that what both of you shared wasn't just another notch on their belt. Mind you this isn't just how females feel, some men are more emotionally connected and do need this type of detailed closure to fully move ones well.  However, don't lose your Sh*t! You don't need to text him and try to get closure after years especially when you are currently in a healthy relationship.



Relax. Your psyche is trying to make positive and negatives of your past to ensure they don't repeat itself in current/future relationships. Most of the time your dreams are SYMBOLIC, not literal. Your feelings are best directed towards healing whatever happened to make you exes in the first place.


It's only natural to reminisce about the good times once in a while, so if you are dreaming about an old high school flame, it doesn't mean your still thinking about him, it simply means your wanting something more than what you had with that person. You could be single or in an unfulfilling relationship just craving a more deeper and level of love. 

If the person your dreaming about is now engaged and has a dog and a home, don't go crying about it thinking that could have been you. There's reason it didn't pan out the way you wanted it to and it does suck, but not to worry everything is about timing.  Even though you don't want to hear this, everything does happen for a reason!

Till then, hoping to send who ever is reading this lots of LOVE AND LIGHT <3 

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