How Horoscoping Ruined my Relationship

There use to be a time I was overly obsessed over astrology.  

Everyone I met I had to ask- "what is your sign?" just to see if we might be compatible.  I was so fascinated that it became my OBSESSION.  

I'm a Cancer and all the characteristic of a Cancer are spot on, so I would look up my friends, family and my back-in-the-day crushes just to judge them based on what I read about their horoscope that day.  I would also sieve though friends based on their signs personality traits. It's all fun and games till you start basing your life on it (like it did) and started fights with friends cause they weren't "compatible" with me.  HaHaHa funny now but then it wasn't then.  

I remember so clearly, my ex-boyfriend (total POS I might add he was a gemini) would also base our relationship on horoscopes.  One day he read that their was a third party in the mix and immediately began calling me out in public!  He called me a cheater, this and that, I was stunned and embarrassed thinking what the hell was he talking about??  He shouted " I knew it I was right it all makes sense now!"  I quickly assured him that I wasn't cheating and he was the only one I loved. After we had both calmed down, he told him he had read his horoscope and it informed him that his partner has a third party involved and he needed to leave it or confront the person...naturally, he assumed it was me.  

Not thinking that I in fact had created a horoscope monster since he never believed in horoscope before I used astrology to forecast his  mood/loyalty/personality/relationship strength and anything else in between : -  Till one day it bit me in the ass. 

The Now Single Girl

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