How I Lost Weight Fast

It's that time of year again...


"New Year New Me" or "Summer is just around the corner so lets join the gym for 3 months then disappear in the Fall and hide under those oversized cardigans!"  Story of my life for 30 years until I finally found something that worked.  


I recently started the alkaline diet and its soooo easy.  I know I know, easier said then done right!  I have listed 5 easy steps below but feel free to a workout if you like. Don't kill yourself and go hardcore, take it slow and follow my simple steps because we all know that health is wealth; we also know that you can't take money with you but who's to question a hot Victoria's Secret Angel looking bod :)


5 easy steps to a Alkaline Diet 

  1. Drink lemon water-  Drink at least 6-18 cups, this help's cleanse the digestive system. If you love tea try Roobios, Peppermint and Nettle
  2. Grass is Greener on this Side- leafy greens, salad's, nut's, healthy oil's, low sugar fruits and high water content foods
  3. Supplements- Green Powder (wheatgrass and barley grass); Alkaline Water (use an Ionizer, PH drops or lemon water); Omega Oils (Udo's Choice Omega Oil Blend is one of the best to use but you can use what you like)
  4. Oxygen-  Get out and go for a walk or work out for at least for 25mins
  5. Eliminate-  Caffine, sugar, white flour and processed foods

I like to do a couple weeks on then take a break to avoid excessive cheating but if you've got the willpower, then fly at it!

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