How Meditation Changed my Life

We all have our daily routines...


Wake up, make breakfast, groom, rush off to work, go home, eat, chill,  sleep and repeat-the same cycle everyday.  There were days I was curious to know just how did these people find their inner peace?

Some time ago I was searching the net and found some spiritual retreats.  I thought you had to be away in a secluded, no cell reception or WIFI type of area to find peace but I was wrong. 

My current spiritual guide taught me how to meditate properly and surprisingly, the more I did it the more calm I found in this hectic world mine.  I started out with 10mins a day then on week 2 -15mins and week 3 - 20mins. I realized the longer I meditated the calmer I was becoming.  Friends and family started to see the change in my behaviour and started asking why I was so calm and what had I changed.  I shared my secret with them and they too found inner peace through basic meditation.

Starting the morning with meditation works best for me but some prefer to end their day with it.  Here are a few tips I found helpful when starting your journey to inner peace.

  • Find a quiet place where you can sit or lay down
  • Light a candle can be scented whatever relaxes you
  • Relax your mind and body
  • Take 10 deep slow breathes and concentrate on your breathing
  • Imagine a white light surrounding you
  • Play calming background music is optional
  • Reach complete silence and deep relaxation
Spiritual Hippie 

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