Jordyn Woods Regrets

Party people I didn't see this coming.  

The reason behind Tristen and Khole's break up wasn't because he was flirting with randoms.... it was because Jordyn Woods (Kylies best friend for those of you living in the dark ages) allegedly hooked up with him! Shame, shame, shame Jordy.  Party goers claim to have seen them making out.  OMG- I know !!

Jordyn has been the Kardashian's confidant for years and they all treated her like family.  Kylie has done so much for her BFF and to know she did that to her family is a straight spit in the face.  I would hate to be on the receiving end of this wrath especially coming from the Kardashians.  How do you even fix this situation?  There’s no turning back for Tristen and as for Jordyn, well you can say goodbye to thay lavish lifestyle and endles hook ups cause.... you's a sneaky hoe.

There is no chance at reconciliation here and in my opinion Tristan doesn't deserve Khole at all. Word on the streets is that a “Kardashian curse” is the reason they get cheated on but it could be karma since Khole and Kylie did break the girl code once upon a time or 2. Tristan- didn't you learn your lesson the first time 💁💁??

As the saga continues, Jordyn Wood's did an interview with her close family friend Jada Pinkette Smith to explain what really went down. Explaining she was in a bad situation and shouldn’t have been there and that Tristan gave her kiss on the lips on her way out.  Momager Kris Jenner was definitely of high alert to ensure she didn’t  violate her iron clad NDA. 

Big sister Kim made it known to the public that both of them are cut from the family after she had unfollowed Tristen and Jordyn.  Kylie threw Jordyn out of her guest house and added their collab lip kits to the discount pile.  In addition to that, she was removed from the Good American website as well. It’s like in a blink of an eye she ceased to exist.

Where does Jordyn go from here?  Well she had to go back to her mom's house where she surely sits in depression thinking of all that was lost.

 If you think this wasn't enough, she apparently hooked up with Khole's ex James Harden but the difference here is that she got Khloe’s "blessings" first. It seem's to me that she like left overs.  

Since all this broke, Khloe has sent out nasty tweets straight up saying Jordyn is the reason her family broke up then basically retracted it a couple days later after she cooled down. Stay tuned for the final outcome I guess. 

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