Kardashian Curse?

Could there be a Kardashian's curse?

Lip kit creator and billionaires Kylie has gone through some rough s^%*.

The whole Khloe and Jordyn drama and then spotted out solo at a bar with her friends till 2am without Travis Scott because the young billionaire is accusing her man of cheating!  The Singer cancelled his Buffalo concert that night so he could fly back to fix the issue in LA  but Kylie claims she has proof that he did -Yikes!

Trifling ass Tristan has a new rebound girl, Karizma Ramirez, and Jordyn Woods thinks that Tristan’s new lady friend proves she wasn’t the reason he and Khloe broke up.  Either way Miss Kylie is moving on and finding herself a new BFF sidekick.  The youngest self made billionaire threw an epic party and Jordyn was nowhere to be seen.  Kylie is now taking resume's for Jordyn's spot.  

Travis we gonna find out if you actually cheated and if Kylie's proof is solid.

That Nosy Bitch

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