Learning to Love Myself

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”  -Mahatma Gandhi


What is Self Love? 

Self love is often seen as a moral flaw.  At least that's what I thought until I met my spiritual guide who taught me self love was about "one's own well-being and happiness."  I knew then and there I had it all wrong and needed to fully love myself inside and out to the point where when I wake up every morning, I would feel inner peace/happiness and to accept my flaws.  As days go by, I would journal everything I loved/didn't love about myself and the poor choices I had made throughout my life (this made me ask myself if I was happy with who I am).

Obviously it was an instant no!  I most certainly did NOT love myself and knew it was all my fault because of the repetitive choices I had made.  This was not something I was proud of and did not want this to reflect on the person I wanted to be.  Thinking about all the eff-up's was overwhelming.  I had held on to resentment and blamed others for my choices fully aware of my own faults and choosing to leave them ignored and uncorrected.

I made a choice to put work ahead of my own pleasure and in time personal growth would be my addiction.  Putting myself first, which to me, meant waking up early and going to gym.  This was a display of self love and making this a habit was putting me first.

Self love is long process and there will always be challenges and improvement along the way. Learn to show myself and others kindness everyday is a goal.  I  constantly remind myself that I'm only human, I have flaws, I'm perfectly imperfect and deserve love.   I can honestly say I love myself more now that I've learned to accept this and that I am enough to truly experience Self Love.

Spiritual Hippie

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