Leaving Neverland & Michael Jackson

Celebritie's are turning their back on Michael Jackson.


After watching the HBO’s documentary “Leaving Neverland” fans view of the iconic singer may have shifted.  The acusers, James Safechuck and Wade Robson, went into extreme graphic detail about how they were abused by Michael Jackson when they were underage.  My opinion-I call Lies!  The poor guy is dead and can't even defend himself!


On the other hand Wade was dating Michael Jackson’s Niece Brandi Jackson and who knows if the breakup went bad and he decided to be petty or make a quick buck.  

Our OVO king Drake removed his track "Don't Matter to Me” (featuring Michael Jackson) on set list for his International tour and will be leaving this song out for the duration of it.

Simpson's creator Matt Groening removed Michael Jackson’s guest spot on the Simpson's after watching the documentary.  None of the celebrities mentioned if they believed it or not but it’s clear they definitely didn't want to be apart of the drama. 


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