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Have you ever wondered if He/She is still thinking about you?


Lets be real.  I'm curious to know if the ex is thinking about me after we break up?  why because it gives me some sort of ego boost after all the unnecessary shit I put myself through lol aren't we all guilty of this. There may be a few physical signs that someone still has you on his/her mind.  So after researching signs I ran into a few good ones that will definitely boost that ego.


Sudden Sneeze
Allergies don't count! This is atypical sign that someone misses you. When you sneeze in some countries, they ask for a 3 digit number.  For example: 234- 2+3+4=9 =  a certain Ivan or Ian is thinking about you.


Eye Twitch or Itch 
If your eye itches or twitches out of nowhere, it could mean that someone has thoughts concerning you.  If a women's left eye itches or twitches someone praises her, but if the right eye reacts, then someone may not be so fond of her.   For men it's opposite- left is not favourable but the right is. 


Ears or Cheeks are Burning
Everyone is physic in some way and don't even know it.  Our energy vibrates towards the person we are thinking of so if all of sudden your cheeks start burning then someone may be bad mouthing you.  As for ears it means someone has a crush on you or receptive to their emotions.


Unexpected Emotions
Have you ever had a such a good time laughing and joking then all of a sudden you feel sad and a rush of emotions just hits you?  This could mean that someone misses you and that your absence deeply sadden's them.


Having Distant Dreams

Dreaming of someone's acts and emotions suggest that this person spends much time thinking of you.  His/Her thoughts are so penetrating that it can get into the realm of your inner desires and fears.  Observing these signs will help you recognize if this persons energy towards you is positive or negative.


This means someone is constantly complaining about you.  If you have a feeling who it is, avoid them, they are filled with negativity.



Madam Cleo

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