Private life of the High Fashion Cat-Choupette

Choupette Living her Best Life

Karl Lagerfeld made headlines all over the world not only in fashion, but also because of his famous furry side kick, Choupette.

Choupette was given to Karl by a French model to babysit for two weeks. She soon returned to find out that Karl had fallen in love with Choupette and decided to keep her.  Choupette is a Birman cat also known as the “sacred cat of Burma.”

Not only is she famous but wealthy too!  Choupette is worth around 4 million dollars according to The Cut in 2015.  Pets usually get fed, by their owners, once or twice a day.  Choupette on the other hand has 2 of her own personal maid's and does not like to be left alone.  Karl claim's that Choupette made him a better person and became less selfish.  

Since Karl's passing, we aren’t sure who will be caring for her but she is definitely mourning the loss of her owner along side her maids. The forever loyal feline quoted "It is with great sadness that I confirm my Daddy Karl Lagerfeld has passed away on Feb 19 2019.  He was a true icon who touched everyone he came in contact with, especially moi.  He will forever live in my now broken heart and the hearts of all his supporters around the world." 

Choupette's Maid

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