Rant of a FAUX-Hairstylist

Dear Diary,


I would tell you my name but I'd rather remain anonymous for everyones sake (mind you, I have greatly improved from all the YouTube videos I've watched) and YES, I most definitely lied on my resume to get this job🙄.
I was only a receptionist and not an actual hairstylist but common in all fairness I got so used to lying about my awesome life on IG that I thought why not keep it going 💁 
Don't you hate it when clients with thin hair want a hair style they screen shot on Pintrest that is so unrealistic!  Like did you not wake up and stare at yourself in the mirror and see your scalp through the 50 pieces of strands that are barely covering your forehead ? YOU WANT me to give you a freaking bouffant?!?!  SHAKE MY DAMN HEAD. You know what gets under my skin? When people say I just want simple curls and ask me for the price ( Not thinking that hair would be past their damn ankles ) so you tell them the amount thinking that it would be medium to long hair, to only find out, she has hair so long you could climb down a 20 storey building and doing their hair is now going to take 4 hours! Next thing you know you're backed-up for the rest of the day. Or how about when they roll in with hair that hasn't been washed for over a week and smells/feels like you haven't showered for centuries!  FYI If you can smell your scalp, well guess what ??? I CAN SMELL IT TOO!!! Have some respect 😥and  just because you're getting it professionally washed, it does not mean there's a new challenge called #dirtiesthairbeforeyourhairappointment.
Shoot!  Gotta-go next client is here... Wish me, or should I say them, luck! 
Talk soon,
Untrained hair stylist that is on her period and that is annoyed by everything  

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