Royal Dramaūü§Ē

I got Tea for you!

Trouble is brewing inside the palace walls between the royal couples. 

It all started off when staff members were suddenly quitting.   Word on the street is that Meghan's west coast work ethic is rubbing everyone at Kensington Palace the wrong way.  

The Sun reported that Harry and Meghan will be moving out of KP¬†to a cottage near by in Windsor. ¬†Tension is running between the brother's royal allegedly due to their wive's not getting along. ¬†I personally think they all need to book some family¬†therapy... just sayingūüíĀ

With all this juicy news the real question is, who is the palace ratūüėÜ? ¬† Prince Harry is trying to uncover this mystery¬†and put the drama to rest once and for all. Let's be honest we kinda don't want the drama to end for our selfish¬†gratification.

Till next week friends...

The Palace Maid 

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