Salt Daddy-the Sugar Free Daddy

Salt Daddy: The complete opposite of a sugar daddy; one who tries but is broke and fronting.

The sugar baby lifestyle isn't for everyone but does waking up everyday at 9am to go to work seems like a good idea?  Just like regular dating, you gotta kiss a few frogs to find the right sugar daddy but how do you spot that Salt Daddy ?

A man who genuinely wants a long-lasting arrangement will be happy to discuss both what they expect from you and what they can offer you.  Salt Daddy's keep it vague and avoid discussing anything future with you.

  • Pushing for sex early and not willing to discuss allowances until he knows the sex would be worth it for him.  This is where you follow your gut feeling and run before it's too late!
  • Request to eat somewhere "nice" in the day and if he suggests changing venues- he's broke.
  • Asks you to commute to him at your own expense and tells you he will "reimburse" you later- he's broke like GTFO you can't even pay for gas!

I wish that every date I went on, I could cut the BS and pull all their credit score so I could filter out the cheap asses.

I used to like drinking tea but now I drink champagne : )  Cheers to working smarter not harder!

Your Local Sugar Baby

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