Secret Wedding

We all know Diddy and Cassie have been dating for 10 years and then some.

Cassie has been waiting ever so patiently for Diddy to give her “Wifey" status but got sick and tired of waiting so they broke up.  Shortly after, she had been spotted wearing a ring on her left hand showing it off and posing for “The Gram.”

I know you’re thinking what I was thinking ~ it was from Diddy but Hell Naw!!!  She has decided to move on with her personal trainer. Her trainer that Diddy paid paid for!  Diddy is obviously heated cause he thought he would get her back and felt betrayed by his main girl running off and having a secret wedding.

I thought I would feel bad for Diddy but all I can say is you snooze you lose, time waits for no man.

That Nosy Bitch

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