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While people say that it is just a superstition or myth, there are psychic signs that someone is thinking of you. You may randomly get a strange feeling while absorbed in silence or while at work.  Suddenly, you keep thinking about that person can't get them off your mind.  You hadn't thought about him or her for months before that moment and now they're the only thing you think about.  Is it just a coincidence or could it be a sign that they are thinking about you?

Here's something I'll share with you that was passed down to me... so how it works is that every time you sneeze you would look at the list and time and check the to see what that person is thinking of or what is going to potentially happen. Funny thing is that I have been using this for years just for fun. 

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12:01-1:00am He is dreaming of you.

1:01-2:00am Someone’s dreaming of you because he loves you.

6:00-6:30am Someone has a crush on you.

6:31-7:00am You’ll have a friend soon.

7:01-7:30am Bad fate, illness will come.

7:31-8:00am Expect the unexpected!

8:01-9:30am Good luck for the day.

9:31-10:00am Someone will love you.

10:01-10:30am Someone’s longing for you.

10:31-11:00am Your friend will love you.

11:01-11:30am Someone’s jealous of you.

11:31-12:00am Your loved one has another boy/girl.

12:01-12:30pm Someone only wants you as a friend.

12:31-1:00pm Don’t open your heart to anyone.

1:01-1:30pm Someone’s waiting for you.

1:31-2:00pm You’ve got a faithful friend.

2:01-2:30pm Someone wants to court you.

2:31-3:00pm A disappointment. :(

3:01-3:30pm An invitation. :)

3:31-4:00pm Someone wants to be with you.

4:01-4:30pm A quarrel!

4:31-5:00pm A fulfillment.

5:01-5:30pm A sufficient love.

5:31-6:00pm You’ve got a reliable friend.

6:01-6:30pm Someone plans to visit you.

6:31-7:00pm Someone’s always thinking of you.

7:01-7:30pm You’re going to marry your loved one.

7:31-8:00pm A reconciliation

8:01-8:30pm Someone’s thinking of you.

8:31-9:00pm Something will happen.

9:01-9:30pm Someone’s secretly in love with you.

9:31-10:00pm Someone loves you very much.

10:01-10:30pm You’ll be happy with your love.

10:31-11:00pm Someone’s wishing you good luck.

11:01-11:30pm A very lonely love. :(

11:31-12:00am Forget your dream boy/girl




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