The MoMo Challenge

This malicious hoax has dominated social media along side Peppa Pig, targeting young viewers.


Hoax or not, if not careful, kids will listen and potentailly harm themselves or people around them.  The challenge is to contact Momo (a creepy looking doll) via  snapchat or whatsapp, get specific instructions to kill themselves or harm their family, and if they did not do what was instructed Momo would come and get them.

I personally think young viewers shouldn't be giving their information out to an online stranger or even reaching out to this sicko.  Real talk, we have to be more careful with kids having access to the internet cause there's way too many weirdos out there targeting them.  Shout out to the mom's out there with their kid's iPad's- please be careful we don't want our kids hurting themselves over this made up hoax.

For my ladies out there we can send this link to our Ex bf's who likes to play game's hahah Momo can teach them a lesson haha sorry not sorry.



Single Mom who is still salty after a year :(

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