Topics Men Secretly Love to Talk about with You

Going on a date or just at a home with your BF and want to connect with him on a different level?

There's stuff men love to talk about with the opposite sex and I always find myself wanting to spend more time with a guy that I can gossip with. Whether it's building a relationship with your BF or male dominated industry co-workers, the topics listed below work like a charm.

Believe it or not guys love to gossip just as much as girls do.  I hear it in the lunch room all the time and sometimes I add fuel to the fire to excite things.


Besides making it rain in the clubs, men use money as power and I have to admit I fall for it all the time. Men love talking about money with women.  It gives them a feeling of dominance and security that they can provide.


Sharing music definitely connects people together especially when you're exchanging your favourite artists and songs.  This convo can go on for hours and sometimes it can bring back those old memories, good or bad.


A great ice breaker for a gym date or encouraging your BF to become that gym god you've always wanted him to be :)


Clothes & Fashion
Men love female feed back when it comes to picking out a piece of clothing.  If this topic comes up on a date that means he wants to impress you with his fashion sense.


Men can go on and on about what happened at work, good or bad.  If he is opening up to you about this, then he considers that close to him.


The Future
Men talk about this topic to show women that they have a deeper side to them than just sports and their hobbies. 


They love to talk about their memories with them.  Bro-stories can go on forever but they love to share it with you. 


Hottest topic to talk about.  Couples have this discussion all the  time -what they're having for lunch or dinner lol.  Men love to talk about what they're craving so why not join in and give them your two-cents if its your time of the month.


The Struggle is Real
This topic can be friends, family or work.  When these topics come up he probably wants to vent or wants your perspective on things.


Chole - He Friend Zoned Me 

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