When's it Time to Dump a Cheap Guy?

"When is it time to dump a cheap guy?"


He is amazing in so many ways but when it comes to money, I'm the one that wears the pants. Often times, I find myself asking "Should I break-up with him?" We haven't done much lately other than hanging out at his place and eating his moms provided food.

I know it's not all about the money and that there's more important things to consider such as his characteristics:

  • good in bed 😊😄😆
  • smells good
  • great physique "eye candy" 😉
  • 60k followers on IG 
  • family oriented 
  • loves kids and dogs
  • sounds perfect, right? 

He puts in the effort giving hints that he wants to go out for dinner and a movie on a Tuesday night. So you quickly get ready, make reservations and have a good time until the cheque arrives....Sitting there in silence that quickly turns into awkward silence...Looking at the cheque thinking, "Here we go again...!" It's so frustrating to deal with a man who is legit cheap. But before you decide to leave him you ask "Siri, where can I bury a dead body?"  

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Dumping Your Cheap Boyfriend:
  1. You can't pay bills with hugs and kisses. 
  2. Are his good qualities enough to keep you interested? 
  3. Can he provide for you and your future family? 
  4. Does he have a good credit score? 
  5. Did he put in any effort to buy even just a little something for you?
  6. Is he motivated and goal oriented? 
  7. Is he willing to change? 
  8. Does he get along with your family and friends? 
  9. Does he have a job? 
  10. Is he worth it?

Hey, Rey! 

I don't think it's working out. Best of luck in the future!

That Vancouver Special 

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